The Puzzle Game - SUBSCRIBERS

Le Jeu des énigmes - ABONNÉS

To celebrate the 1 year of the subscriber platform, we hid 3 gift coupons of 15€... through riddles ! Only for subscribers!*

Rules of the game :

The coupons will be in the form of discount codes, to be entered at the time of the purchase. 

Each code is the name of a track from our catalog, in capital letters, without any punctuation. (Example: for "All Aboard" by Piers Faccini, the code would be 👉 ALLABOARD)

Please note that the codes are unique! If you think you've found it but it does not work, it's because it's already been used!

Riddles :

👁 Code 1 : 
At the end of the street, I see the light...

👁 Code 2 : 
Having wasted my time, I find only my half!

👁 Code 3 : 
A Haiti on the roof, above the clouds.

May the best win!



* the code will only work if you are registered in our database as a Pass 2022 subscriber